• Many courses are asking you to not enter the clubhouse/pro shop.  Call ahead first to get instructions about signing in and paying.
  • If you want to play with only a two-some, let the course know when making a tee time so they can accommodate your request
  • Bring your sanitizer, bring your Clorox/Lysol wipes, and wipe down everything you touch – such as the cart steering wheel and other parts of the cart you use such as a sand bottle or a cooler
  • Keep your clubs, club covers, towels, gloves, and any other personal belongings cleaned and sanitized
  • Do not bring outside food, beverage (except water, please bring your own), alcohol, or coolers and containers onto the property
  • Practice increased hand washing regularly
  • Stay at least 6+ feet from your golf partner
  • Putt with the flagstick in to prevent touching the stick
  • Forego picking up and tossing your golf partner’s ball back to them
  • Forego picking up your partner’s golf club and handing it to them
  • Forego the hand shake at the end of the round
  • Dispose of the restaurant/bar food wrappers, containers & cupbs in the on-course trash cans
  • Many courses have removed the bunker rakes to reduce erms transfer.  Smooth sand over with your foot.  Drop your ball in the same area of the trap if lack of rakes caused a terrible lie.

    (posted 3/23/2020)


Pikes Peak Women Golfers (PPWG) was founded over 20 years ago with the goal to provide comradery and sportsmanship among women golfers in the Colorado Springs, CO region.  PPWG  provides an environment conducive to improving and enjoying the game and supporting the general welfare of the membership.

We are a golf handicap Tuesday league with the opportunity to play both 18 and 9 holes. The PPWG season runs from April to October. Our membership includes working and retired women of a wide range of ages.  Our goal is to provide an environment conducive to improving and enjoying the game and to promote the general welfare of the membership.

PPWG is like no other league in the area; we play different courses in and around El Paso County every Tuesday and offer both 9 holes and 18 hole play. The 9 hole play starts in the late afternoon to accommodate the working woman, and 18 hole play starts at noon for those who are retired – or those who can escape early in the day.

It’s all about getting social! After every play date, PPWG’s social committee organizes a yummy location for everyone to meet and have fun! It’s the perfect way to end a great round of golf, strengthen friendships, make new friends, and have a laugh!

During the off-season, we have membership/business meetings that offer ongoing golf knowledge, entertainment, and nurture golf relationships throughout the year.

Think about becoming more than just a member.  There are over 10 committees to join and contribute your volunteer skills as well as executive board positions to fill!


• Improve your golf skills

• Meet new friends

• Always have a Tuesdays golf buddy

• Play on a golf course new to you

• Yummy and fun after play socials

• Get involved – volunteer on a committee